Poultry Seasoning The universal blend for white meat

Poultry Seasoning

In Denmark they do not have many of the seasoning that I grew up with. One of those spice blends that I use a lot is Poultry seasoning, it is one of those spices that goes well with most white meats.

When I first came to this country I searched high and low for it because I have a recipe for a dish that my mom use to make for us kids when we were  growing up, it is a one pot pork and rice dish.  I can make it with other blends but it is just some how not the same.

Of course as the name say it is a great blend for chicken and very commonly used in fried chicken batter but equally as nice just sprinkled on top of a whole chicken and baked.

Well enough with the chit chat and on with the show.

Poultry Seasoning By David Green

You will need:

3 tsp celery salt
3 tsp fine ground sage
1 tsp fine ground white pepper
1 tsp onion powder
1 tsp fine ground marjoram
1 tsp fine ground thyme leaves
1 tsp fine ground rosemary leaves

(Note: Use dry spices Not Fresh)

It is best you use a mortar and pestal to mix the blend because the crushing action helps to combine the flavors together but you can use a blender or food processor as well.

Combine all the ingredients and crush until you have a fine powdery blend.

As with any and all spices I can not tell you how much to use you should do this to your taste. When I am baking a chicken I usually put a tsp of the spice in with 2 tablespoons of butter, mix them together and stuff that under the skin, over the breast and then sprinkle enough of the seasoning to lightly cover the entire chicken.

Of course like I said this is only one way to use this seasoning because of the flavor profile it goes well with all white meats so go ahead and experiment and ENJOY.



2 thoughts on “Poultry Seasoning The universal blend for white meat

  1. I found your blog through Facebook’s Americans in Europe group. I’ve lived in Norway for seven years and been frustrated by the spices I can’t get! I bring back celery seed, mexican-type spices, and Old Bay from visits to the States, but always forget the Poultry Seasoning. My spice substitution experiments haven’t given me the same taste.
    We don’t have marjoram here … but I’ll see how this blend turns out without it.
    Thanks for providing this!


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