Unknown Food Facts / Microwave Oven


Yes I know a Microwave oven is not food, but I just could not help it, I thought the way it was invented was just so fascinating that I had to write about it.

In 1946 Dr. Percy Spencer and another scientist were working on a Radar system for the Britts to detect Nazi  war planes, they created the magnetron tube, it omitted Microwaves that were able to detect objects in the nearby area.

One day While enjoying his meal, Dr Spencer but his chocolate bar in his pocket and walked across the room past the magnetron tubes, only to discover later that his chocolate bar was now pocket goo. This started him thinking about what else the microwaves could do so he put some popcorn in his pocket and took a walk again. This time he was testing the strength of the rays so he kept as much distance as he could from the tubes until the popcorn started popping.

So in 1947, not missing a beat, Raytheon released the first Microwave oven.  At a whooping cost of 5000 dollars it stood 5 and a half feet tall and weighed in at an impressive 700 pounds, Not your Mama´s microwave.

So the next time you stick that bag of popcorn into your microwave just think about the importance it played in the development of the microwave, and when it is done sit back relax and Enjoy

By David Green


Let me know what you Enjoyed.

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