These Lavender Scones Were Brought to You By Being Totally Prepared for an EBS (Emergency Baking Situation)

Wow these look amazing. I love to bake and will have to try and whip up some really soon. Enjoy

Sweet And Crumby

These pictures are lascivious. I know. How could I photograph these irresistible sweet and floral lavender scones with the blue Pacific peeking from behind and not invite you to stay? It seems rather rude to taunt you like this, but I was never in the running for the Ms. Manners’ title anyway so I am not terribly concerned.

We have been forced out of our house for a few days since termites have apparently taken up residence and we kindly (or not so kindly) have requested they vacate the premises. Luckily for us, we were able to flee to a borrowed house by the beach and relax in San Diego, CA.  Stop rolling your eyes. I am not the roughing it kind. I just wasn’t made that way.

You and I have been friends for a little while now and if we are going to continue our friendship, you should…

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