Spicy Sausage and Pepperoni Casserole

Spicy sausage and pepperoni casserole Yum wish I would have thought about that. The next time I am able to make some sausages (Selection is very limited in Denmark) I will give this a try, but until then I hope everyone. Enjoys

Homemade With Mess

That’s right kids, I said sausage and pepperoni; what could be better in a slow cooked, rich and spicy casserole than sausages and pepperoni. This is the ultimate comforting meal and is full of lots of vegi’s and Spanish Mediterranean flavours. Although this is perfect for a cold winters evening it would actually be a lovely summer casserole to; if you can bear the heat from your oven that is. What is also fantastic about this dish is the multiple sides you can have with it. We had ours with cauliflower rice; but it is also super on its own, with steamed seasonal vegetables, a hearty plate of mash or even to cover a baked spud. However you chose to eat it, I promise once you have tried this you will be making it again and again and again.

sausage 018

Serves 4

–          1 tbsp olive oil

–          6 chunky sausages…

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