5 Ways To Dress Up Your Backyard BBQ

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Admit it. You’ve attended some boring barbecues as their only saving grace was the food. There were no decorations, no music, and nothing that brought the party atmosphere to the place. You almost felt like drowning your boredom away on the non-alcoholic margaritas while telling the neighborhood barkeep who

BBQ grill with cooking foodattended the barbecue all of your sorrows.

When it comes time to host your own backyard barbecue, make it the get-together to be remembered with these dress up tips. Make people feel welcome to the barbecue and set them in the mood that they will have a fun time attending all your parties. Here are five useful ways to ensure that your BBQ is the neighborhood hit!


1: Clean the darn yard!

It cannot be stressed enough that people want to go into a tidy backyard. Seeing overgrown bushes, dead flowers in the flower pots, and something slithering through the overgrown grass will have the guests screaming away in terror. Trim the bushes and tree branches, plant flowers, mow the grass, and wash down the deck or patio. Also, if you have the time, clean out the smelly gutters.

2: Set the mood with lights

Lights can set so many different moods to the backyard barbecue. Are you looking for an elegant get-together? Place floating tea lights in the pool water or candles on the table. Are you looking for a fun barbecue with lots of party music? Flashing strobe lights can get people in the dancing mood. And if you are just looking for a relaxing barbecue with close friends, lit paper lanterns hanging in the trees will give a nice touch.

3: Make it comfortable and welcoming

The best parties with all the decorations and music will still fail if your guests have nowhere to sit. You really have to deep clean patio furniture that has been sitting out in the outdoor elements for long periods of time so it looks inviting to people. Take pillows from the house and lay picnic blankets on the grass for people to sit on. Don’t forget to dress up the deck or patio with fresh flowers in large vases.

4: Come up with a theme

Perhaps the best way to dress up your barbecue is to come up with a party theme. Host a beach party with a sandbox for the kids, floating pool toys and a volleyball net to get people in the mood. Hand all your guests a basket filled with beach towels, flip flops and suntan lotion as an additional party favor. You can also come up with other party themes such as a Hawaiian luau, masquerade party, surf party, or garden party.

5: Don’t forget to dress up the table

If you simply don’t have time to dress up the backyard, at least make sure to dress up the food table. Vases filled with fresh-cut flowers, colorful food trays, candles and fruit centerpieces can help spark pleasant conversations from people as they will comment about what a great time they are having.

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