How to select the right party caterer to make your wedding catering arrangements easier.

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You may be successfully suppressing the foodie in you to ensure you fit into the beautiful wedding dress you bought for yourself, but remember most of your guests have no such inhibitions. So, why not give them what they want most—great food.

Your wedding guests may remember many things from your wedding, but nothing will be remembered so vividly and passionately, as the food served. A good wedding caterer can make your wedding memorable for your guests and for you. So choose wisely. To help you make the right choice, here are some tips:

  • Ask your friends for references: Seek help of the people whose opinions you trust most. You may also ask your colleagues or other acquaintances for references.


  • Start with a few options: It is best that you shortlist a few caterers before hiring the one that looks best to you. This way you can compare different caterers and stand a better chance of making a decision that will make your wedding food the talk of the town. If your friends or acquaintances fail to refer more than a couple of names, take your search online.


  • Select the recommendations of the venue manager only if it appeals to you: Some venues give clients options of choosing their own wedding catering services; some others give recommendations. While you can consider the advice of your venue manager, you are under no obligation to follow it, unless, of course, using the in-house catering service is part of the contract.


  • Check the availability: Ensure that the caterer you have selected is available on your wedding day. Also, find out the payment details and schedule. Learn when the date becomes secure, when you need to make the initial payment, and how much you need to pay initially.


  • Affordability: It is possible to serve your guests great food at your wedding without making a deep hole in the pocket. Therefore, first ascertain your budget and get an early indication of costs from your caterer. Check what is included and excluded in the price, especially VAT (no matter how happy your guests were with the food, you would have a lingering bad taste in your mouth and a hole in your pocket if you overlook this.). In case your budget is limited, spend some time with your caterer to figure out how you can serve good food within it.


  • The wedding cake: To minimize your costs and stress I recommended you give a preference to caterers, who, besides providing great food, will do the wedding cake.


  • Silverware and other utensils: Ideally you would want the venue to supply the necessary utensils, and if not them, your caterer. However, if the latter, too, does not provide them, you must confirm if the caterer you selected is ready to bear the responsibility to deliver, clean, and return the rented equipment.


  • How and when the food will be delivered: A poor delivery schedule can spoil even the tastiest of dishes. A delivery too soon will mean the food will be cold when served; on the other hand, a delay would leave you exasperated. To ensure things go without a hiccup, confirm the time with your caterer when the food will be delivered and how it will be delivered.

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