Pork Sausage with Apples and sweet onions. Another Great Use For Apples

As promised here is my next post for using excess Apples you may have laying around in the cupboards. The next recipe I will post tomorrow is Apple Jelly and it came out so nice I had to have some of it on Toast this Morning Yum Yum Yum.

500 grams Pork sausage (Any good pork sausage)
1 large yellow Onion
4 apples
25 grams margarine
2 tbs flour
4 cups Pork or Vegetable stock

In a small sauce pan cover the sausage with water cover the pot and bring it to a boil and allow to simmer for 10 minutes pull it out of the water and let rest until you are ready for it ( Do not throw out the water from the sausage you will use it in the sauce).


Cut the onions in half and slice each half fairly thin. In a medium sized saute pan you will want to sweet the onions until they are brown and sweet. Now you will want to take the sausage and slice it into pieces about the size of your finger. Add this to the brown onions and saute until the sausage starts to get a little color to it.


While the sausage is cooking peel and slice the apples into wedges ( I usually slice each half into 4th s ). Once you have sliced the Apple add it to the Sausage and onions and saute until the sausage is brown on all sides and the apples are softened and a bit brown.


Remove from the saute pan ( Reserve as much of the fat as possible for the sauce ). Cover the sausage apples and onions with aluminum foil until ready to serve.

Add the 2 tbs of flour and stir to a roux. Now and the stock and cook until thickened.

Serve with Potatoes and a vegetables.


You must excuse the terrible picture I took of the final product I forgot to take it when I was done and a few servings were taken before I remembered.

There are so many things that go well with pork, Apples and sage are 2 things that really bring out the meatiness of pork.  I would have normally done this recipe with sage, unfortunately I used the last of my fresh sage the week before and did not have any for this dish. If you have some toss it in when you put in the apples or just follow the recipe it will be good either way. I hope you Enjoy



Let me know what you Enjoyed.

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