This is a nice recipe for eclairs. The only thing I would do different is at the end it says to slice the eclairs in half then fill. This is not necessary just put a tip on a pipping bag poke it in and fill. Enjoy

Mama Bee simple

‘Easy Peasy’ Chocolate Éclairs

Chocolate Éclairs. Buy or not to buy? (Not to buy). These were surprisingly simple to make – not to mention cheap (especially when you can make a batch of 10). Chocolate and cream between a lovely classic, delicate Pate a Choux pastry. – Which by the way took exactly 5 minutes to make.

Mama Bee Reassurance – If you don’t own a piping bag, simply use an ordinary plastic sandwich bag and cut the corner to pipe your Choux buns! – and perfection isn’t vital if you like the rustic home-made look. – People will love this! (Alternative fillings) – Fresh cream and strawberry jam / strawberries thin cuts).

Basic ingredients for a classic Pate a Choux Pastry:

Half a cup of butter
4 eggs (whisked in separate bowl)
1 stick of butter (make sure it’s butter)
Pinch of salt
1 cup 1/4 of Plain Flour

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