I have been presented with an opportunity to make a little money, and being the starving student with 2 young boys, I would be a fool not to at least try.

I have been searching through the various links to choose from and have found a few that I think my readers may like. These are affiliate links, I would rather post them on a separate page and have you choose if you can use them then put them into a post.

So if you see something that you can use then please click on the link and I hope you find something you will Enjoy

A great site to find Restaurants in America

I am a huge fan of Fair trade providers. I always try and buy things local and support the farmers but when I cant this company is a good alternative. (USA)

Years ago I use to make my own beer, these day I dont have time but do plan on starting up again in the near future. This site offers recipes and all the supplies you will need to get started. (USA)

My father has always been a tough cookie to shop for when it comes to gifts.  An easy out for me for years has always been Omaha Steaks and the beef you get through them is top shelf. (USA)

This is a great place to find British Dry goods and sundries and best of all they deliver worldwide.

If you would like to find American food in Denmark this can prove to be a problem. Sometimes the only way to find things is online and this company delivers to any location in Europe.



Let me know what you Enjoyed.

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